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Black Heart


I am in a fight against myself

At war with the thoughts in my head

I wonder how much longer I can last

Before I finally end up dead


When the thoughts turn depressing

And the tone becomes despair

I try to change the direction

But sometimes I just don’t care


I sometimes find myself adrift

Trying to understand it all

Day after day of struggles

There must be a pending fall


As time passes on like it always will

My heart slowly turns to gray

And with even more passing of time

My heart may turn black one day


I guard my heart with an iron fist

My soul I have buried in steel

At the right times I smile and laugh

But inside I don’t really feel


Everyone thinks they know me

I’ve tried to set them straight

They don’t hear a word I say

Which only fuels the hate


One day it will not be like this

I will eventually find my own way

Or at least that is what I hope

As I begin another day


2 responses to “Black Heart

  1. The “Twisted Destiny” blog has a most beautiful appearance. Of the three rhyming thoughts that I read, “Black Heart” wins the 35-yard dash. Thanks for going public with your stuff.

    Drop by Rawclyde’s Code Room any time!

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