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Scared of Love


Sometimes I find myself
Feeling very scared of you
But in a way that’s new to me
And I don’t know what to do

Never have I loved anyone
The way I’ve always loved you
A love so deep, content, and set
It can only be love that’s true

It’s hard for me to imagine
How you could ever feel the same
My life has so far left me
With all these tears of shame

I am trying to let you in
But it’s very hard to do
Parts of me never before seen
And I want to share them with you

Yet when I try to open my mouth
No words come out at all
Fear strikes me into silence
Because I am so scared to fall

I am scared to feel more pain
Lucky I’ve made it this far
If I were to let you break my heart
It’d be the worst possible scar

You ignite a fire in me
Unlike any I have known
My love for you slept for years
And now it can be shown

A love not only realistic
But deep rooted to my core
A love so crazily romantic
To leave me always wanting more

So hard to give away my trust
Leaving my life in your hands
So hard to believe it’s possible
To feel like this for only one man

When fear sets in, I reach out
The last thing I want to do
And you calmly bring me back
Like it can only be done by you


3 responses to “Scared of Love

  1. At risk of sounding like a cornball machine, I’d like to say your literary pieces have a quiet beauty ~ like pearl necklaces.

    Being scared of love, I believe, is a common thing on planet Earth. One of my worse bouts with it inspired a little telling and a song of my own ~ which, if you feel so inclined, you may read right here:

    Thank you…

    • 78jess

      I did read it, and your ability to express is excellent. Your words flow like a gentle stream where I battle how much to show n how much to hide resulting in more like a rolling brook. The saying will always stand that those we love the most can hurt us the worst.

      • If I were an ant riding upon a stray twig, I may very well find a rolling brook to be an exhilarating adventure ~ and once moored upon the shore, and with a strengthened heart, go a-hunting for a sequel…

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